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Big ball ball


Zhuhai Hua Shang Optoelectronic Science and technology held a splendid ball game



(Du Dianli report) "friendship first, competition second, participation, to celebrate the 51". China is abundant photoelectric workers amateur cultural life, strong staff physique, enhance competition consciousness, enhance team spirit, Zhuhai wosun Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. in International WorkersDay comes, in the sports field held a basketball, table tennis match. Basketball competitions were held on April 24th and 25. Basketball matches were divided into three groups. The Tai Jin Department won the championship, and the photoelectric parts and scanning parts of the scanning guns did not get second or third. Table tennis competitions were held on April 28th and 29. Table tennis matches are more interesting. Women players compete with male players in the same field. Women players start scoring from 5:0, that is to say, let the ball score 5 points, which shows fairness in unfair and increased interest in competitions. In the event, the executive department specially installed 2 sets of iodine tungsten lamp, company leaders attended the match cheer. At the end of the event, the chairman of the company, duri, sent prizes and souvenirs to the winners and participants.

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