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In from November 3 to 5, 2016, the eighteen China Retail Trade Fair (CHINASHOP 2016) was held in Suzhou International Expo Center in 2016. The theme of this Expo is "upgrading consumption, cross boundary integration and reconstructing the new retail map". It is the highest level business exhibition and retail leader summit in the industry, attracting nearly 700 companies and tens of thousands of exhibits. As a well-known brand of bar code scanning industry, Hua Shang optoelectronic was invited to participate in this grand meeting.
The exhibition concentrates on more than 30 new and old models of the company. On the three day of the show, China is still the photoelectric booth attracted great attention at home and abroad, which exhibited FG-2900E (Chinese characters of two-dimensional code free drive straight line), FG-6000, FG-9800C (screen scanning red) and FG-2400 (Mini Bluetooth) FG-3206, WX2800, and a number of products has become a major highlight of the the exhibition, by many new and old customers. Many of the exhibiting merchants expressed great interest in the products exhibited by China Shang and optoelectronics. Many customers have consulted in detail, hoping to further cooperate with this opportunity. In this exhibition, we have made many new friends, and have had friendly exchanges with our colleagues. We have learned the latest quotation of the bar code scanning industry and opened up the international vision. This will bring new opportunities to the future development of China Shang electronics.
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