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A new telephone information system will be put into use. This system enables consumers to get more detailed information about fish products in retail stores, including origin, fishing time and fishing people.
The system developer DoCoMo Sentsu cooperates with the government to develop this non - profit project and uses a new generation of 2D fast response codes. According to the project development process, the system is planned to be put into application in 2005. Now consumers are more and more concerned about food safety, and believe they are more demanding of the system.
The fast (QR) reactivity code technology was developed by Denso Wave in 1994. The traditional linear code can only provide horizontal encoding information. The 2D fast response code developed by Denso Wave contains information that can be interpreted through two ways: water and vertical. The information content of the same area or smaller area is 20-100 times of the traditional encoding.
Next month, DoCoMo Sentsu and fishing boats will cooperate with the systems engineering association to carry out a systematic test of the system. The relevant information system within the corresponding fishing names, such as fishing, fishing time location information will be summed up into groups, through satellite transmission system from the boat and sent to the data processing center. When the fish products to Hong Kong after conversion, sent from the fishing boats will become the information encoding form, so that the information contained in the fishery can be issued out by fishermen cooperation. The fishery certificate that contains information is printed out and is attached to the shipping box. A copy of the certificate will be produced when the product is sold in a supermarket and a retail store.
DoCoMo Sentsu said that if consumers saw certificates in restaurants when they consumed fish products, they could inquire relevant information directly by telephone to verify the authenticity of information transmitted by satellites. The related telephone number and staff list will be posted on the home page, and if the consumer is required to consult directly.

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