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ACCESS International is a leading supplier to the RFID active system. It announced that the wireless tag solutions provided have been adopted by a private college in the United States. The college, known as the Midwest, requires students to provide their attendance records when applying for financial aid. ACCESS provides an active tag for credit identification, which is similar to credit card and is carried by students instead of the original student card. It can record the attendance of the students. It is the only student card for each student. The system has reduced the cost of managing students attendance records by 80%.
Dr. William Dambar, the dean of the Oriental Medicine School in the Midwest, said, "for professors and many college staff members who have many paperwork to do, it is very troublesome to check attendance of students who want to get financial aid from the government. We need a system to help professors check the attendance records of these students so that professors can focus their time on teaching. ACCESS provides us a way to record students attendance through automatic scanning teaching building, so as to provide information needed for financial aid.
The network receiver throughout the whole building will query the active label every other hour and record the label code. The label code is connected to the attendance database, which automatically records which students are in the classroom. If students want financial aid, they must show the attendance report, and then the government will transfer the funding to the schools account. The ACCESS companys system greatly simplifies the procedure.
ACCESS, vice president of business development, the Donovan said: "get with this label Midwest Academy of Oriental medicine after the investment return is obviously. This further proves that our active RFID tag has a great potential. The ACCESS system is flexible and is used in many places and can be combined with existing application packages. Therefore, our cooperation with the Academy soon provided a way for the college to solve the problem of their low attendance and time consuming.
The ACCESS active RFID tag has been patented. It uses a small battery power (commonly referred to as an active tag). When activated, it launches a radio signal ranging from 30 to 100 feet to a palm sized hidden receiver. The receiver is connected to the existing security alarm device or the existing network of the company through an industrial standard interface. The tag system can also be connected to a security video recorder and a live video remote transmission machine. Such labels are widely used in security, including automatic detection of personnel entry and exit facilities, vehicle entry and exit parking lots, tracking and protection of company assets and special purpose sensing. The use of this label can also respond urgently when there is a sudden security event, sending an email alarm or call notification to the owner.

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