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The combination of mobile phone and two-dimensional code further expands the application value of two-dimensional code, and promotes the integration of the industry. Mobile two-dimensional code will bring more opportunities for communication, media and other traditional industries.
The application and popularization of two-dimensional code technology standard in the world, and its popularization and application of technical standards have brought considerable economic benefits for enterprises. The combination of mobile phone and two-dimensional code further expands the application value of two-dimensional code and promotes the integration of the industry. With the maturity of market, industry chain and business mode, Mobile two-dimensional code will bring more opportunities for communication, media and other traditional industries. Mobile two-dimensional code will enter more peoples lives in the future.
With the rapid development of global information and communication technology, the mobile phone terminal for a variety of applications are emerging, in the future, mobile phone will become the most important one of the mobile terminal businesss development, and the development of mobile phone two-dimensional code will be in the development of mobile commerce will play an important role.
The status quo of two-dimensional code technical standards
Global two-dimensional code technical standard
In foreign countries, two-dimensional code is a very mature technology. The study of two-dimensional code technology in foreign countries began in the late 1980s. In terms of the research of two-dimensional code symbol representation technology, a variety of coding systems have been developed. There are more than 250 kinds of codes in the world. There are more than 20 kinds of PDF417, QRCode, Code49, Code16K, CodeOne and so on. The standard of two-dimensional code technology has been applied and popularized around the world.
The American Symbol technology company (Symbol) and the Japanese electric outfit (Denso) are both the leader of the two-dimensional code technology.
The QRCode code is developed by Denso company in Japan in September 1994, a matrix two-dimensional code symbol, which has one-dimensional bar code information capacity and with other two-dimensional code, high reliability, and can be expressed in many languages, Chinese characters image information confidentiality of security advantages, can effectively express the same content, Chinese characters. Its size is smaller than the same density PDF417 barcode. Most of the barcode printers on the market currently support QRcode barcode.
The PDF417 code was invented by the American Chinese, Dr. Wang Yinjing. PDF is the abbreviation of the first letter of three words in English PortableDataFile, meaning "portable data file". Because each symbol of a bar code is made up of 4 bars and 4 empty parts. If the narrowest bar or bar code is called a module, the above 4 and 4 empty modules must be 17, so they are called 417 or PDF417 codes.
DataMatrix is mainly used for the identification of small parts in the electronics industry, such as the back of the Intels Pentium processor.
MaxiCode is developed by the United States United Parcel Service (UPS) Company for the sorting and tracking of parcels.
Domestic two-dimensional code technical standard
The barcode industry in China started late, and first adopted the strategy of introducing foreign technology first. Chinas original two-dimensional code national standard is translated from the American PDF417 code and the Japanese QR code (QuicklyResponse, fast response). With the continuous innovation of domestic technology, the independent two-dimensional code technology has begun to appear, and has been recognized and recommended by the state.
Based on the PDF417 specification issued by AIMI, in December 1997, the national standard 417 bar code (GB/T17172-1997) was officially promulgated by China Commodity coding center.
In December 2000, the national standard GB/T18284 - 2000 "fast response matrix code", based on the Japanese QRCode, was promulgated.
In 2003, the Shanghai Dragon Bay Mdt InfoTech Ltd introduced the two-dimensional matrix code of the Dragon Bay, also known as the Dragon Bay code (LPCode).
In 2005, Beijing bronze Software Technology Co., Ltd. launched the independent research and development of QT two-dimensional code code and QT two-dimensional code - Code cell phone reading software.
In 2005, China items encoding center and Beijing Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly developed the imagination of Chinas independent intellectual property rights of the standard two-dimensional code -- hanxinma, this standard has been approved by the national standard for approval and the Ministry of science and technology will be the fifteen project acceptance will be obtained, the expert group composed by the Academy of praise.
- Xigan technology based on Xigan core technology on the "grid matrix code" and "tight matrix code" is the Ministry of Information Industry issued for the national electronic industry standards (SJ/T11349-2006, SJ/T11350-2006).
In May 25, 2006, the Ministry of Information Industry released the two industry recommendation standards of the two-dimensional code grid matrix code (GM) SJ/T11349-2006 and the two-dimensional code tight matrix code (CM) SJ/T11350-2006. The two standards were implemented in May 30, 2006.
Mobile phone two-dimensional code development driving force
Two-dimensional code development driving two dimensional code development of mobile phone
The advantages and use value of two-dimensional code make it popularized and widely used all over the world.
The two-dimensional code as a new information storage, transmission and recognition technology, relative dimension code, it has more advantages and value in use, the two-dimensional code technology has been the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Mexico, Egypt, Columbia, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Canada used in many countries in the world public security, diplomacy, military and other departments of the various types of documents management, but also the two-dimensional code used in the customs and tax departments of management of various types of statements and bills, commercial and Transportation Department of transportation of goods and cargo management, management of the postal parcel post, on the industrial production line of industrial automation management production field.
Two dimensional code technology is supported by our government

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