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[BP] the Nikkei news agency reported SONY, Toshiba, Hitachi and Panasonic made 4 days before the establishment of Industrial Company "home appliances electronic tag alliance". The alliance aims to develop a guide for the use of wireless tags for the manufacture, circulation and sales of household appliances. Bureau by Mizuho Information Research Institute (Mizuho Information & Research Institute) is responsible for. As long as the annual fee of 100 thousand yen is paid, the alliance can be joined. At present, SANYO motor, SHARP, JVC and MITSUBISHI motor have been qualified. The activity began in October 2005 for a year. For the reasons for the establishment of the alliance, the agency explained: "at present, the domestic retailer - led in Japan has been trying to import wireless tags. In order to build a system that can bring many benefits to traders, retailers and manufacturers, it is necessary to collect the opinion of the home appliance industry. "
Preventing forgery is also a goal
After the establishment of the alliance, the application method of the wireless label will be discussed in order to realize the logistics management of the product. Specifically, including: (1) making appliances paste a wireless tag import mode (2), save the wireless tag data from the wireless tag (3) paste position, (4) to coexist with bar code transition, (5) consumer privacy protection, (6) a wireless tag abandoned.
To discuss the results will be feedback to the logistics industry, home appliance stores, manufacturers and other wireless tag. In the future, we plan to apply wireless tags to the circulation of electronic products in the US, which is very influential in the standardization of wireless labels, the US EPCglobal (global product electronic code management center).
The alliance not only is committed to the circulation management of products, but also is one of the targets of the anti product forgery. In China and Southeast Asia, there are many forgery of electronic products. Through the introduction of wireless tags and strict production management, we strive to prevent the occurrence of forgery.
In order to manage the circulation of products, the wireless label has been gradually introduced into the retail industry a few years ago. If wireless tags are used, no matter what products they need to be tracked in real time without manual operation, therefore, as a means of improving logistics efficiency, wireless labels have attracted great attention. 2 years ago, the electronics industry began to use wireless labels to track the whole process of products from factory to store, until sales. (reporter: Itou Oki, Akasaka Asami)

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