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FG2068D two-dimensional bar code scanning platform

U excellent one dimension / two-dimensional barcode reading performance
U good motion tolerance ability
U IP52 dustproof grade
U 1.2 m resistance to fall
U infrared extreme speed induction
Rich U interface
U green low power consumption

2068D is a high performance two-dimensional scanning platform, can quickly identify the one-dimensional bar codes, two-dimensional bar code and mobile phone screen code, mobile phone payment code; decoding ability, has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed, good compatibility, is widely used in retail, supermarkets, tobacco, logistics, warehousing, medical, clothing etc. is currently on the market; the highest price of the product, is your best choice.
Support: Alipay, WeChat mobile phone two-dimensional code payment collection.
Support: Alipay billing code, tax billing codes, aerospace information, Piovan gold, lightning billing.
Support: WeChat ticket assistant, lightning ticket (custom money)

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