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FG206820 line omnidirectional laser bar code scanning platform

   FG2068 is a high performance laser barcode scanner platform, has the characteristics of decoding 

ability, high precision, fast speed, good compatibility, is widely used in retail, supermarkets, tobacco,

logistics, warehousing, medical, clothing and other fields; it is currently on the market the highest price

of the product, is your best choice.

Product features
32 bit double chip decode CPU:
The operation speed is fast and the decoding ability is strong.
High speed decoding:
The decoding speed is 1500 lines / seconds, and the real touch is in touch.
Super long depth of field:
0 - 200mm@ (UPC/EAN 100%, PCS90%).
The decoding precision is 5MIL.
Omnidirectional scanning:
20 laser lines, 5 directions, omni-directional scanning.
Higher integration:
Using the new generation of programming technology, the separation component is reduced, the degree of integration is higher, and the failure rate is less.
It is simple to set up:
Enter the settings - sweep setting - exit settings, the three step is completed, simple and practical.
USB free drive:
Plug and play, windows is self driven, and the user does not need to install the driver.
White bar code automatic identification:
No need to set up, automatic identification.
Single line scan function:
Easy to scan the dense bar code. Single line / full line function switching can be easily realized through key buttons.
Anti scraping window:
Use the imported material to prevent the scraping of flowers and ensure that the window is not shaved after a long time.
Stereo speakers:
The stereo speakers, a beautiful sound vigorous and not sharp monotone.
Military level quality assurance:
Each part has a strict inspection experience; each product has been tested strictly, and the product 100% is qualified.
Aging test:
Each product has 72 hours of aging test, and after the actual test on the machine, it can be out of the factory.
Bit error rate test:
The product has passed 5 million times without error testing.
Silent motor:
The precision motor is made in Taiwan, and the fine dynamic balance test is used to ensure the most quiet products in the same industry.
Independent intellectual property rights:
All products are independent intellectual property from appearance, hardware and software, and have been protected by appearance patent, utility model patent, invention patent and software copyright.
Full color LED light hints:
The full color LED indicator is used to indicate the different state of the work.
Easy to install interface:
There is no need for any tool to install, dismantle, and no longer need to retrieve the type of needle.
Delicate packing:
With the import and cardboard, the single small package can bear the pressure of 50KG external force, and the people standing on the top will not be deformed. And exquisite small packaging, but also save freight Oh!


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