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FG-5805 portable Bluetooth printer specification
Chapter 1: basic characteristics
Name: portable Bluetooth thermosensitive printer
Model: FG-5805
Support battery capacity display function, large paper storehouse (using 57*50mm specification heat sensitive paper)
It is suitable for the use of mobile products and suitable for outdoor working environment.
The product has the characteristics of small size, light weight, reliable performance, simple connection and convenient use.
The main applications include: mobile police system, tobacco distribution system, public utilities meter reading system, mobile office / mobile logistics system, portable instrumentation / testing equipment.
Low operating cost (no color tape, ink box)
Weight: about 420g (including accessories: lithium batteries, data lines, test paper)
Volume size (L*W*H): 103.5*78*45.5mm
The second chapter: performance parameters
Print mode: thermal line printing
Print speed >90mm/s
Print head life: 100km
Resolution: 203dpi (8dot/mm)
Effective print width: 48mm (384 points)
Available paper width: 58 + 01mm
The paper storage capacity of diameter: diameter of less than 40mm
Paper type: thermosensitive paper
Power supply (optional): rechargeable lithium battery
Battery: lithium: 7.4VDC/1500mA (continuous printing 57*30 thermal paper volume 120)
Charging mode: external charger 9V/1.5A
Language: support multilingual languages
Print parameters: support download Logo trademark printing
Character size: 384 point / line
Font A:12*24 point, 1.5 (wide) *3.0 (high) millimeter
Font B:9*17 point, 1.1 (wide) *2.1 (high) millimeter
Simple / traditional: 24*24 point, 3 (wide) *3.0 (high) millimeter
Character Chinese: national standard 1. Two level Chinese character library 24x24 points support 18030 big font libraries, support Taiwan, Hongkong traditional
Western: ANK characters
Extended character table: OEM437/Katakana/OEM850/OEM860/OEM863/OEM865/West Europe/
Command simulation: compatible ESC/P0S/STAR instruction set
Communication interface: marking RS232/USB interface, Bluetooth protocol or infrared /IRCOMM protocol
Using environment -10 ~ 50 C (temperature), 10 ~ 90% (humidity)
Bluetooth: Bluetooth communication signal transmission the optimal distance is 15 meters, the best distance is 30 meters IOS transmission equipment

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